BEAM-Projects (english)

Welcome to my BEAM robotics page. On this site you will find detailed information about  BEAM robotics, electronics, schematics, plans, types of robots, links…

The acronym BEAM stands for:  Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics.

Biology: Being solar powered and some ideas of design and function is borrowed from Nature.

Electronics: Of course there are some electronic parts soldered together. We use some silicon components like transistors, diodes and also resistors and capacitors. The electronic circuits are very simple but it is the practical technology to get these creatures alife.Look to the Basics link, to get more detailed information on electronic plans etc…

Aesthetics: They just should look nice and cool. Solder the parts properly, hide cables – everything should look clean and aligned.

Mechanics: Proper working mechanical parts from a good idea is as important as the electronic part of your self-running robot.

In the BEAM Electronics the robots are autonomous and normaly has no brain and no battery as a power source. These cute mini robots get the power from solar cells. In general these electronic bugs are very simple in design and responds to it’s enviroment to perform tasks and there isn’t any human intervention for this process.  The main thing is light coming from the sun or any other powerful light recource and this makes them alife. And isn’t it interesting do build a device which will move for 20 or more years and does’t have an off switch.

The basic ideas of this system was founded by Mark W. Tilden. And the main aim of BEAM is not a perfect computersimulation but more the actual robotics.

Here are some of my own BEAM creations:

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